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Wealth Management & Financial Planning For Indigenous Institutions

Indigenous Wealth Management for First Nations

Rob Tetrault is a proud Métis Portfolio Manager and provider for Indigenous wealth management solutions for First Nations People.  Originally from Marchand, Manitoba, Rob has over 15 years of experience in Indigenous Wealth Management for Aboriginal financial institutions and is passionate about helping First Nations Indigenous peoples across Canada achieve their financial goals with World class Indigenous wealth management services

Wealth Management and the First Nations Fiscal Management Act

Mr Tetrault’s in-depth knowledge of First Nations fiscal management and the First Nations Fiscal Management Act, working together with further extensive knowledge of Canadian Wealth Management strategies working in tandem with First Nations financial institutions, Financial Planning for First Nations and Metis Portfolio Management act, make Rob Tetrault and the Tetrault Wealth Advisory Group fore runners in helping indigenous communities across Canada with financial and wealth management needs.

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His expertise led him to explore providing wealth management services for indigenous Indian communities across Canada where he now manages First Nations clients with high level personalized service.

As the Portfolio Manager from the Tetrault Wealth Advisory Group, Rob provides First Nations clients with customized investment and financial planning solutions based on their unique needs and objectives as well as considerations with the First Nations fiscal management act

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Wealth Management Firm for First Nations Financial Management

He is also a strong advocate for Indigenous economic development and has been involved in several initiatives to support Indigenous wealth management  financial planning for indigenous First Nations businesses and entrepreneurs.

Rob is dedicated to helping Métis & Indigenous peoples build a brighter future for themselves and their communities, and he is proud to contribute positively on several boards and institutions across the country.