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Live Interview with Dr. Steven Theriault on The Tetrault Show

Award Winning Virologist Shares Update On Scientific Advancement

With the abundance of information on Covid-19 at our disposal, it can sometime be overwhelming and difficult to separate fact from fiction.

That’s why we’ve decided to bring a Virologist on the show to shed some light on the coronavirus that has affected us all in one way or another.

Dr. Steven Theriault, BSc, MSc, PhD – Chief Executive Officer / Chief Science Officer of Cytophage (www.cytophage.comis our guest on The Tetrault Show.

He’s going to share his thoughts on the current pandemic and where we as a society, need to go from here.

Dr. Theriault will also explain to us what is bacteriophage and why we should learn more about it.

They’ve made an incredible scientific advancement at Cytophage and we’re excited to share it with you on the show.

This episode is full of valuable information and analysis on Covid-19 and previous global diseases. You’ll want to watch this episode as Dr. Theriault shares a lot of interesting info on viruses that everyone should know.

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