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Transcript: Introduction to Rob Tétrault

By April 10, 2017February 26th, 2018No Comments

The story begins when I watched my wedding video for the first time, and in it my mom makes a speech to the groom. She says, “Rob, you’re so talented. You can do whatever you want in this world. Just make sure you’re always passionate about what you do, and you’ll enjoy your work every single day. So, I had just completed a Finance MBA and at that point I knew then what other business to do than to follow my dreams and my passion which was helping people through managing their money.

When I started my business I knew I’d be successful if I just followed the values and principles of my parents and grandparents who had taught me about business, that is honesty, transparency and hard work. We started having success. The team was growing. I added some key members, operations, administrative support and client management. We added an estate planner and a financial planner, but who better to add to that team but the person who taught me the values that I built my business on…my father. My entire life I’ve wanted to be the best at whatever I do. Whenever I do something, I’ll have to be the best at them. I brought that same approach to this business. I became a Portfolio Manager with the sole purpose of being The Best Portfolio Manager in this entire country.

I’ve always known that I’ve done right by clients in managing their money, but to have the Wealth Professional Institute give us the award best Portfolio Manager of the Year really validates all the hard work we do on a daily basis for our clients. Every day I wake up following my passion, following my dreams, and that is building a business which offers its clients world class wealth advice, service and investment solutions.

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