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“On behalf of the St-Boniface Hospital Foundation, I am very pleased to provide a letter of reference with respect to the services provided by Rob Tetrault Wealth Management Group.

In the past 12 months, we undertook a very lengthy process to determine who was best suited to manage the Foundation’s significant Portfolio. We received proposals from over 10 very qualified candidates at a variety of investment firms throughout Canada. The board was quite pleased with the depth of the presentation and the professionalism displayed by Rob and as a result they were successful in winning the bid for the portfolio.

We decided to work with Rob and his group because they had the strongest focus on capital preservation while assuring us that we’d be able to meet our needs for growth over time. We also feel extremely confident in the abilities of Rob and his entire team. The level of service we’ve received since we’ve decided to deal with them has greatly surpassed our expectations.

We’re quite proud to say that we’re associated with such a reputable financial institution, and we look forward to working with Rob and his team for years to come. I feel quite strongly that any institution, non-for profit, Endowment Fund or Foundation would be well advised to trust Rob Tetrault’s very capable group.”

Charles (Chuck) L.

“Rob and his team provide excellent customer service and took the time to answer all our questions and concerns as it relates to our investments. The entire team understand the responsibility of managing our investments to ensure our future goals can be accomplished.

I would highly recommend the Tetrault Wealth Advisory Group”.

Christine L.

“The level of professionalism and the expertise on investing from Tetrault Wealth Advisory Group far exceeded my expectations. On top of that, the service from the entire team has been amazing. My wife and I have never felt more confident in our investment plan!
I would highly recommend the Tetrault Wealth Advisory Group.”

Claude S.

“My wife and I have been using Robert and his team for our personal investments and we’ve received nothing but great service and solid returns since we started working with them!

In addition to working with Robert and his team on a personal level I also get to deal with them through my work as a professional accountant. I have found that their incredibly timely service, ability to provide me with crucial information and their desire to provide their clients with solutions to their issues is second to none.

Its no wonder they’ve been receiving so many accolades over the past few years!”

Daniel P.

“The service at Tétrault Wealth Advisory Group has been amazing for our Non-Profit Organization.
From Rob himself attending board meeting to answer important questions for our directors, to the team at the office providing us with reports and summaries at the drop of a hat. We are always made to feel as « one of the family », never just another numbered client. The bilingual service is also very important for our organization, we are happy to say the the whole team delivers every time. Their excellent client communication is one of the things that set them apart.

When choosing a portfolio manager for our foundation, it was important to us to have someone who not only supports our cause, but numerous others in the community as well. Rob Tétrault is a perfect example of a Community Philanthropist and we are proud to be associated with his name.
The Tétrault Wealth Advisory Group has shown us great professionalism and proven investment expertise. We are confident in their capabilities to manage the important investments of our Hospital Fund.”

Zoe N.

I’m writing this letter of reference to outline the exceptional service and strong investment returns we’ve received from Rob Tetrault and his Wealth Management Group.

When my business partner and I sold our business, mf.1 advertising and branding, we were looking to structure our finances to maximize our returns and minimize our tax exposure. We had experienced reasonable success in our business venture and were looking to find the best solution for our investments and retirement strategies. That is when we met Rob and through his counsel and wise investments strategies, we have been able to secure returns that exceeded any other investment products/services we had used to date. Read More…

Suzanne M.

I began my relationship with the Robert Tetrault Group in the fall of 2010. As a traditionally conservative investor, and someone who is very guarded with money, I started with a smattering of personal investments and then moved all of my family investments over within a few months.

When the sale of my business came up in 2011, Rob was a huge asset in assisting with the set up of a Family Trust to ensure the proceeds of the sale were put to the best use. His legal background combined with a knack for investments made it easier to navigate through all of the hurdles involved with the execution of the trust. Since then I have received regular and active advice on all aspects of my finances from him and his team with them always adhering to my wish of being final say on any major transaction. Read More…

Brent S.

Several years ago, my wife and I decided that we would undertake a thorough examination of our financial situation and consolidate our assets with one financial institution and one Portfolio Manager. We had each invested with different financial institutions during / following graduation from University and our subsequent marriage in 2002. Despite the fact that we had relatively significant growth in assets over a short period of time – and had stable / “white collar” employment – we did not feel that our financial advisors were dedicating any meaningful time or resources to our respective portfolios. The losses / nominal returns that we were receiving during this period of time – in what was otherwise a “bull” market – made it clear to us that we had to look at other investment options. We ultimately met with several advisors over the course of multiple days. As we were engaged in this process, we quickly realized that one candidate stuck out significantly over the rest: Rob Tetrault. His enthusiasm, knowledge and level of expertise became evident throughout this selection process. As a result, we made the decision to transfer the entirety of our savings to Rob. This has been one of the best decisions that we have ever made. Read More…

Curtis U.

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