Our team is committed to providing opportunities for our customers and clients throughout their financial lives. Each team member brings the expertise, judgment, leadership and diversity of thought and experience required to make responsible decisions for all of our clients. Our purpose is clear. We are here to simplify the lives of those who do business with us. We do that by listening to our clients, and connecting them to the financial solutions they need. We provide a World Class Wealth Management experience.

Rob Tétrault, B.A., J.D., MBA, CIM
Portfolio Manager
Head of the Rob Tetrault Wealth Management Group
Office: 204.925.2282
Fax: 204.925.5164
Email: Rob.Tetrault@nullnbc.ca

Claude Tetrault, FSCI
Over 35 years of experience in the Investment industry
Office: 204.925.2284
Fax: 204.925.5164
Email: Claude.Tetrault@nullnbc.ca

Derrek Funk, B.Comm (Hons.)
Investment Advisor
Over 8 years of experience in the Financial Services industry
Office: 204.925.2079
Fax: 204.925.5164
Email: Derrek.Funk@nullnbc.ca

Cedric Paquin, CA, CFP
Senior Advisor – Financial Planning
Over 10 years of Accounting, Financial & Tax Planning Services
Office: 204.983.9053
Fax: 204.925.5164
Email: Cedric.Paquin@nullnbc.ca

Keri Wersh, B.A., FSCI, FMA
Over 20 years of experience as a licensed Investment Assistant
Office: 204.925.5295
Fax: 204.925.5164
Email: Keri.Wersh@nullnbc.ca

Karen Kazina, CIM, MTI
Investment Associate
Over 12 years of experience in the Securities Industry
Office: 204.283.9060
Fax: 204.925.5164
Email: Karen.Kazina@nullnbc.ca

Jean Moquin
Head of Digital Marketing & Client Service
Office: 204.925.5170
Fax: 204.925.5164
Email: Jean.Moquin@nullnbc.ca

Leah Rewucki, B.Comm (Hons.)
Over 3 years experience in the Financial Services Industry

Office: 204.925.5298
Fax: 204.925.5164
Email: Leah.rewucki@nullnbc.ca