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Investor Seminar

By October 23, 2017December 21st, 2017No Comments

On September 26, 2017, the Tetrault Wealth Advisory Group held an investor seminar for high income earners on the following topics:

  • Minimizing taxes by using a unique new approach of “No market risk Flow-Through shares”.
  • Strategy of reducing the cost of charitable giving by donating a certain category of shares rather than cash.

Part of the presentation educated the attendees on the strategy of using past capital gains and capital losses to help owners of holding companies to withdraw funds from their corporations to themselves personally, while significantly reducing the taxes.

The main approach discussed and presented at the seminar was the use of both strategies mentioned above (reducing taxes by utilizing a unique new market free risk Flow-Through shares and taking money out of personal “holding companies” effectively by using past losses and doing more effective charitable giving.

This presentation was part of a series of on-going timely “Investor Seminars” which the Tetrault Wealth Advisory Group regularly holds for its clients.