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 Live Interview with Yvan Boisjoli – CEO/Co-Founder and Stefan Maynard – Co-Founder of Bold Commerce on The Tetrault Show.

If you’re fascinated with technological innovation and you like hearing about successful bootstrapped business stories, then you’ll want to tune in to this episode on The Tetrault Show.

Bold Commerce CEO/Co-Founder Yvan Boisjoli & Co-Founder Stefan Maynard are our guests.

They share the latest news & insights on e-commerce, how they’ve been adapting to uncertain times since mid-March and chat about their extremely successful online business story.

The online shopping industry has enjoyed great growth. Some of the top companies in this sector are hitting all-time highs in May 2020. We’re extremely excited to have both Yvan & Stefan join us to share their knowledge on the industry.

Both co-founders have bootstrapped this incredible company with the help of 2 other co-founders. Bold Commerce has earned the reputation of being one of the top e-commerce businesses around the world and have accomplished that feat in a very short period of time.

Popular e-commerce businesses like Amazon & Shopify have recently hit all-time highs and are positioned to benefit immensely from the influx of online shopping due to the past & current self-isolation period. Bold Commerce has been enjoying similar success and growth in these last couple of months.

Latest news on Bold:

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