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Calm down, the Blue Wave is already priced in

By January 29, 2021February 5th, 2021No Comments
If you’ve just watched the six o’clock news about the Democrat party’s Blue Wave and are getting ready to make a Biden trade, take a minute and cool your jets.
As the fervor over political change south of the border hits peak intensity – especially after the horrendous scenes on Capitol Hill on Wednesday – one portfolio manager gave WP a more sober, realistic from an advisor’s perspective.
With his practice managing retail investors, pension-style investing leads the strategy. Rob Tetrault, of Tetrault Wealth Advisory Group, CG Wealth Management, urged investors and fellow advisors to remember that unless they feel they have a competitive advantage on information, the market has already priced in events in real time.

He said: “The market is an accurate minute by minute…READ MORE…