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To Whom It May Concern,

I began my relationship with the Robert Tetrault Group in the fall of 2010. As a traditionally conservative investor, and someone who is very guarded with money, I started with a smattering of personal investments and then moved all of my family investments over within a few months.

When the sale of my business came up in 2011, Rob was a huge asset in assisting with the set up of a Family Trust to ensure the proceeds of the sale were put to the best use. His legal background combined with a knack for investments made it easier to navigate through all of the hurdles involved with the execution of the trust. Since then I have received regular and active advice on all aspects of my finances from him and his team with them always adhering to my wish of being final say on any major transaction.

While I do value all of Rob’s personal help, I have been impressed with the people he has surrounded himself with. Derrek Funk is great to work with and is extremely responsive to any and all everyday requests. The addition of Claude Tetrault to the team has brought years of experience and knowledge, adding to breadth of advice I am able to tap into.

As I now move into a new business venture, I have already been tapping into the advice of the team to ensure I set myself and my family up for financial success. Having a trusted team to depend on has meant a lot as I attempt to ensure my family is set for generations to come. Happy to answer any questions should you feel the need to want more information.

Brent S.