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Tetrault Wealth Client Testimonials

“We Exceed Client Expectations!”

We endeavor to maintain a world class experience with every single client and to provide them with a wide scope of superior financial management abilities
Testimonials that have been written by our business owner and corporate clients below…(Link To Testimonials Disclosure)

“First Rate…”

“"We're able to secure returns that exceeded any other investment products/services we had used to date"”

Suzanne M."Rob delivered on his promise...superior returns"

Read full testimony… When my business partner and I sold our business, mf.1 advertising and branding, we were looking to structure our finances to maximize our returns and minimize our tax exposure. We had experienced success in our business venture and were looking to find the best solution for our investments and retirement strategies. That is when we met Rob and through his counsel and wise investments strategies, we have been able to secure returns that exceeded any other investment products/services we had used to date…

“Trusted Team…”

“"Having a trusted team to depend on has meant a lot as I attempt to ensure my family is set for generations"”

Brent S."I receive advice on all of my finances from him"

Read full testimony here... When the sale of my business came up in 2011, Rob was a huge asset in assisting with the set up of a Family Trust to ensure the proceeds of the sale were put to the best use. His legal background combined with a knack for investments made it easier to navigate through all of the hurdles involved with the execution of the trust. Since then I have received regular and active advice on all aspects of my finances from him and his team with them always adhering to my wish of being final say on any major transaction…

“Best Decisions…”

“"Consistently outperformed both the market and the portfolios of my colleagues"”

Curtis U."Has superior portfolio management skills"

Read full testimony here… Although our savings were relatively significant, I readily recognize that our investment portfolio is not the largest one under Rob’s control. However, since we have transferred our assets to Rob, we have been treated to nothing short of exceptional care and service. Rob and his staff have expended a tremendous amount of time and resources to ensure that our investment needs are met on both a professional and consistent basis. Through his client events we have met Kevin O’Leary and their renowned…

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