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October 2017

Investor Seminar

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On September 26, 2017, the Tetrault Wealth Advisory Group held an investor seminar for high income earners on the following topics:

  • Minimizing taxes by using a unique new approach of “No market risk Flow-Through shares”.
  • Strategy of reducing the cost of charitable giving by donating a certain category of shares rather than cash.

Part of the presentation educated the attendees on the strategy of using past capital gains and capital losses to help owners of holding companies to withdraw funds from their corporations to themselves personally, while significantly reducing the taxes.

The main approach discussed and presented at the seminar was the use of both strategies mentioned above (reducing taxes by utilizing a unique new market free risk Flow-Through shares and taking money out of personal “holding companies” effectively by using past losses and doing more effective charitable giving.

This presentation was part of a series of on-going timely “Investor Seminars” which the Tetrault Wealth Advisory Group regularly holds for its clients.


5th Archdiocesan Gala

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Rob was a proud major sponsor of the 5th Archdiocesan Gala hosted by Victoria Inn. This year’s proceeds are going to support the archdiocese’s seminarians and the Saint Boniface Cathedral Renewal Project. Rob and his wife Michelle are seen here taking a picture beside the 200th Anniversary for Catholic Church in Western Canada logo.


Transcript: BNN – Tragically Hip Day

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Transcript (Andrew Bell and Robert Tétrault)

Andrew: Just moments ago Toronto’s Mayor officially claimed today, August 10th “Tragically Hip Day”. Now Rob Tétrault is our guest-host, Paige, and he was at the concert in Winnipeg when they sang Bobcaygeon and they talked about the Constellation Revealing themselves, I bet a lot of people were crying. I think I would.

Rob: It was a very, very emotional moment, Paige, and the hottest ticket in Winnipeg by far, more than our playoff games. Resale values were through the roof on the secondary market. So much so that they had to intervene and scalpers were actually arrested and charged in Winnipeg. There were a couple of sting operations. It was really big in Winnipeg. I was at the concert, very, very emotional, took my sister who went to her first ever concert at the Tragically Hip and Gord, when he made his farewell walk around the stage at the end, it was a little dusty in there, yeah, a little dusty. My eyes were…yeah, a little dusty.

Andrew: Rob Tétrault, one of the greatest Canadian bands ever?

Rob: I think so, yeah. I’m a big, big believer in Canadian stories. I’m a proud, proud Canadian. I’m proud to have seen the last concert in Winnipeg of Tragically Hip.

BNN – Tragically Hip Day

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Being a long-time Tragically Hip Fan, Rob talks on BNN about his experience at the Hip’s last concert in Winnipeg. Being a proud patriotic Canadian and big hockey fan, the Tragically Hip were a top favorite in Rob’s music playlists year after year. The Kingston band are pioneers of Canadian rock music and have left their footprint all over the world with their unique sound and on-stage performances. It’s never easy saying farewell to a legendary singer like Gord Downie. His music and lyrics live on and every fan will always cherish their Tragically Hip moments and memories. RIP Gordon Downie, you were one of the best music personalities this world has seen and you will be truly missed.

Click here to view transcript.