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Live with Rob Tetrault on The Tetrault Show

1st Quarter Earnings Reports Phase 1 for some provinces are now underway and in effect. I’m optimistic and hopeful about the beginning of our new “normal”.

I have no doubt in my mind that society & the economy will move forward & onward as we face new challenges during the re-opening phases nation wide. Many 1st quarter earnings reports have came out lately.

Unfortunately, Q1 earnings reports won’t look like they usually do or what we previously forecasted pre-Covid-19. Naturally, because of the economic slowdown, this historic moment of self-isolation will reflect in the Q1 reports and it will certainly show in Q2.

  • What are the numbers telling us?
  • Does it look like we’re going to test the lows in the next coming weeks?
  • Is Q2 going to be as bad as most folks think it will be?

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